9月 192012

I was thankfully invited to attend 10×10 Japanese Photobooks (please go to the link for the detail).

Did you understand the exciting event happening in NY?

Make sure you check the facebook page to follow updated info online.

Of course, if you are New Yorker, please visit,

10×10 Japanese Photobooks Reading Room
ICP – Bard MFA Studio Space
24-20 Jackson Avenue, 3rd Floor, Long Island City
(Across the street from MoMA PS1 and the New York Art Book Fair)

OK. Here is my list.

I selected Japanese photobooks from within the past 10 years (Araki is exception though). These more recent books are not yet viewed with the same reverence as Japanese photobooks from the 60s and 70s, but I believe they clearly illustrate the unique photography and photobook culture that exists in Japan.

Nobiyoshi Araki, Tokyo wa Aki (Tokyo: Sanseido, 1984)
Takashi Homma, Tokyo and my Daughter (Zurich: Nieves, 2006)
Katsumi Omori, Cherryblossoms (Tokyo: Little More, 2007)
Koji Onaka, Grasshopper (Tokyo: Tosei-Sha, 2007)
Tomoyuki Sakaguchi, Home (Tokyo: Sokyu-sya, 2007)
Risaku Suzuki, Yuki Sakura (Oregon: Nazraeli, 2008)
Taisuke Koyama, entropix (Tokyo: artbeat publishers, 2008)
Masafumi Sanai, Dust (Tokyo: Taisyo, 2008)
Masafumi Sanai, ARCA (Tokyo: Taisyo, 2008)
Yumiko Utsu, OUT of ARK (Tokyo: artbeat publishers, 2009)

There is an article for each photobook (please click the list). Hope you find some interest in our photobook culture.

Also please don’t forget to check out these lists by experts.

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9月 192012

Risaku Suzuki, Yuki Sakura published by Nazraeli Press in 2008.

Yuki (Snow)


Yuki, Sakura (cherry blossoms)


- 熊野、雪、桜 この記事で紹介した写真集ではありませんが、2007年に東京都写真美術館で行われた展覧会に併せて出版された、「熊野」「 雪」「桜」の3つのシリーズが見られるコンパクトな作品集。
- サスキア 友人の結婚式を撮影した幸せあふれる1冊。2000年にリトルモアから出版。サイズは20cm x 20cmとコンパクトです。紹介記事はこちら
- Mont Saint Victoire 晩年のセザンヌが絵画の題材に選んだ、フランス南部のサント・ヴィクトワール山をテーマにした写真集。紹介記事はこちら


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9月 182012

スイスのインディペンデント・パブリッシャー、Nieves(ニーブス)から出版された、ホンマタカシさんの写真集『Tokyo and my Daughter』。

Takashi Homma took almost 10years to make this ZINE. It would have been easier to make this series of work if “My Daughter” were his daughter. She is actually not his kid but his friend’s. Many are not skeptical about the title first and later find out the fact. Of course some may still believe as title says and that’s why some have asked the photographer “how is your daughter?”. Like Robert Doisneau’s photograph of kissing couple in Paris, this work questions, “Does that matter to you?

Homma sees Tokyo differently from Araki nor Moriyama.

Published by Nieves.

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9月 172012

Joel Meyerowitz(ジョエル・マイロウィッツ)の写真がジャケットに使われたPat Metheny Groupのアルバム『American Garage』。

休日の朝にこのアルバムとJoel Meyerowitzの写真集をお供にカフェオレでもどうでしょう。

How about coffee and photobook with this music?


- Pat Metheny Group 『American Garage』 ドイツのレーベルECMレコードから1979年にリリースされたアルバム。
- Joel Meyerowitz『Cape Light』マイロウィッツの代表作。ケープ・コッドの美しい風景を大型カメラで撮影した写真史上でも重要な作品。

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9月 162012


Shuntaro Tanikawa (1931-) is probably the most popular poet alive in Japan.

This picture book was originally self-published by Tanikawa himself in 1956 and re-issued in 2010 in popular edition.


Original version was limited to 300 copies.


Tanikawa has been published several collaborated book (poet and picture), including with Araki, but this is the only one that used his own photographs.


He chose hands as the subject.

Seems like words and images are not related.


“Living”, “Two Aprils”, “This Day”, “A Hand”, “Everyone”… there are seventeen poems.


English translation was added to this new version.

- 谷川俊太郎『絵本』 澪標から2010年に出版された復刻普及版。
- 細江英公『花泥棒』 細江英公さんの写真絵本。

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