10月 172012


“At least I need to make 10 books a year, at least. But I have been very lucky at the same time. Many thankfully invite me to make books.”


“If you took photographs, you must make a book. Exhibition? it only lasts few weeks right? I want to make it object. Otherwise I regret.”


“I make photobooks maybe because I want to share the time with readers.”


“I wish these photobooks will be spread around. If you own the books, you can’t just keep it to yourself.”


I once sent my photobook to Robert Frank and he displayed in his living room. One day, Jim Jarmusch came to Frank’s home and saw the book.


 He really liked it and when he came to Japan for working on a film, he tried to find me even though he didn’t know my name. That’s how we met.


Books have such kinda power.”

- 荒木本 これだけ厚い写真集ガイドを出せる写真家は荒木さんしかいませんね。

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10月 142012

Let me share this video.

10X10 Japanese Photobooks from Mathieu Asselin on Vimeo.

10×10 Reading Room, a 3-day pop-up reading room sponsored by the International Center of Photography Library and the Photobook Facebook Group, presents 100 Japanese photobooks from the perspective of 10 specialists who have each been asked to select 10 postwar Japanese photobooks or magazines.
In addition to the physical reading room, 10×10 Japanese Photobooks has also organized a virtual space where 10 online Japanese photobook specialists and bloggers recommend 10 books each for an additional 100 books of interest.
More details: icplibrary.wordpress.com/10×10 and photolia.tumblr.com

International Center of Photography Libraryとfacebook上のコミュニティ「Photobook」のスポンサーで実現したイベント、「10X10 Japanese Photobooks」。2012年9月28日から30日の期間、10人のスペシャリストが選んだ合計100冊の日本の写真集が会場に展示されました。もちろん来場者は自由に写真集を閲覧することができます。今年はロンドンのフォトグラファーズ・ギャラリーで「Contemporary Japanese Photobooks」という展覧会も開かれました。これらのイベントは会場での展示だけでなく、ネット上でのディスカッションや、ブロガーたちによる写真集のセレクションなど、ヴァーチャルな企画も連動して行われています。直接会場に行くのが難しい海外の人たちもどんどんイベントにコミットしていける時代です。いずれにしても日本の写真文化が広く紹介されることはよいことですね。

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10月 132012

Elliott Erwitt(エリオット・アーウィット)の写真がジャケットに使われたFairgroundのアルバム『The First of a Million Kisses』。

休日の朝にこのアルバムとElliott Erwittの写真集をお供にカフェオレでもどうでしょう。

How about coffee and photobook with this music?

Elliott Erwitt, California, 1955



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10月 122012


If you don’t have a camera, you can make photographic work. I would like to introduce photographers/artists who don’t shoot photographs.



ドイツ人アーティスト、Hans-Peter Feldman(ハンス-ピーター・フェルドマン)はとにかく集めます。

Found photography does not consist of a single photograph. It’s got to be more. The more the better.

German Artist, Hans-Peter Feldman collects photographs a lot.




Collection of family album photographs.


Where is it?


When was it? We don’t know.



From Voyeur

All kinds of images are being juxtaposed.


No caption.


That’s why you see these images without any bias.



from Album

Feldman does not shoot portraits, but collects.


He does not go to Eiffel tower because he collects.


The more the better.

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