2月 182013


How can we photograph radioactive contamination?

マッチアンドカンパニーから出版された今井智己さんの写真集『Semicircle Law』。

Tomoki Imai Semicircle Law, published by MATCH and company in 2013.


It looks peaceful quiet mountains.


It used to be but it’s not anymore.


Imai took all these landscape photographs toward the direction of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. These areas have been contaminated by radioactivity.


写真集にはキュレーターのCharlotte Cotton(シャーロット・コットン)のテキストがおさめられています。


Nuclear power plant is in the center of the above photograph.

 Curator Charlotte Cotton, who gave texts on this book, says, “It is suca bitter irony that the view onto landscape remains the same as before the disaster while the earth’s physical body and atmosphere is profoundly, sickeningly changed. In the few photographs by Imai Tomoaki where the architecture of FNPP1 (Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant 1) is just visible, the impoverished, blurred tininess of the plant in relation to the grandeur of this regions of the natural world is enraging.”
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2月 172013

I would like to introduce photography magazines in Japan.

This is the first issue of 写真画法(Shashin-Gaho) published in February 2013. The magazine features two photographers at a time and most of the pages are filled with their (probably the latest) works. The editor gets approved by the photographers beforehand who they will confront with.

The editor in chief Okimoto-san bravely launched this new magazine purely dedicated to photography in this digital age.

One of the first two artists is without no doubt, Araki. The other is not Daido Moriyama but Masafumi Sanai(b.1968) who is probably the only candidate in his age (please see these articles for Sanai’s works).

Araki with Polaroid.


Sanai’s latest works titled “I am shooting”.

Masafumi Sanai

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2月 162013

iTunes UやYouTubeで写真に関するレクチャーや写真ワークショップが見られる時代。

これまでもiTunes Uで視聴できるTodd Hido(トッド・ハイド)のレクチャーや、YouTubeにアップされていたAlec Soth(アレック・ソス)のワークショップの様子を紹介してきましたが、それらは英語で会話されるため内容を100%楽しめないのが難点でした。


It was of course impossible for us to watch photography lectures at a college or workshops in another countries.

Internet made this possible. You can access these through iTunes U, YouTube etc.

I have been introduced Todd Hido’s lecture on iTunes U, Alec Soth’s workshop on YouTube. But there is one big problem. Everything is in English. I don’t think they are studying Japanese now and we can listen to their lectures in Japanese in the near future. It really takes time for me to translate the languages.

But I found one good online lecture in Japanese.



AIT is a NPO organization found in 2001 to make ‘a new platform for contemporary art’ in Tokyo. They have substantial art lecture programs as well as residential programs for artists.


『art since 1900』という20世紀美術史の本をテキストに、プログラム・ディレクターのロジャー・マクドナルドさんが日本語でレクチャーしてくれます。


AIT has contemporary art school called MAD(making art different) in real classroom in Daikanyama, Tokyo but they also open online lectures for free of charge, which is ‘designed to meet the needs of those unable to attend inclass courses and living outside of Tokyo.’

Program director Roger McDonald gives lectures in Japanese based on the book art since 1900.

There are few chapters focused on photography scenes but it’s good to see them all.



Female German photographers in 1930s. Sounds interesting.




Because it’s based on the English text and Roger-san speaks both English and Japanese, it’s good for us to learn English too.

If you could attend the class, you can get stimulated by teachers and other attendees but it’s very useful for those who don’t have time or don’t live close to Tokyo. Great attempt.

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2月 142013

Alfred Stieglitz(アルフレッド・スティーグリッツ)は、自分の内面を表現するために、equivalentと題したシリーズで雲を撮りました。

Alfred Stieglitz started to take clouds in his late fifties.

equivalent, 1926


He was 62 years old when he took above photograph.

Rat Hole Galleryから2012年に出版された荒木経惟さんの写真集『センチメンタルな空』。


Here is Araki’s photobook, published by Rat Hole Gallery.

He was 72 years old when he published this book in 2012.


Don’t photograph clouds until you get old enough.

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2月 132013


Masataka Matsutoya is an popular musician, producer, most famously the husband of the national singer Yuming. I was reading his essays about shopping and found a piece titled ‘Ansel Adams’s photographs’.


He first saw Ansel Adams’s photographs twenty five years ago. He really liked them but had been forgotten for years.

Ansel Adams, Forest Floor, 1950


“It’s not like I am not interested in photography at all but there’s not been anywhere my interests would apply into.”


One day when he was thinking about interior of the bathroom for thier new house, he suddenly recalled the photographs he saw twenty five years ago.


Like for many others, bathroom is very important and creative space for him. ”Our bathroom is, needless to say, awesome. It’s roomy with warm interior.”


But he didn’t know how and where to buy photographs. Nobody around him knew either. But searched through internet, he easily found out that they can be purchased on Ansel Adams’s website.

Ansel Adams Online Shop


“I was thrilled. Many of them were for sale in modern prints with reasonable price. I first thought I would buy them all.”


He eventually selected twenty three works, eight frames and a calendar. They were delivered to his new house in two weeks as scheduled.


“Very happy. It’s not a car or clothes, neither camera or luxury watch. Never expected just photographs makes me feel this way. I would like to share the feeling when I was gradually opening the box.”


*1 モダン・プリントとヴィンテージプリントについてはこちらに詳しく書いてあります。「アンセル・アダムスの名作の価値 ヴィンテージはモダン・プリントの7.5倍

It’s not still popular enough for we Japanese to hung up something, like painting, photographs etc. on the wall, especially in rented apartment. We are book people rather than print.

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