8月 192013

Nina Poppe AMA 01


Nina Poppe‘s photobook, AMA.

What’s AMA?

“Ama are woman who make their living by diving for abalones, large edible sea snails.”

Nina Poppe AMA 02

“Japanese tradition suggests that this practice could be up to two millennia old.”

Nina Poppe AMA 03


“Even today, the Ama dive according to the old ways: without equipment and relying on pure lung power.”

Nina Poppe AMA 04


A girl.

Nina Poppe AMA 05

Nina Poppe AMA 06


“Average diver is around sixty years old.”

Nina Poppe AMA 07



Nina Poppe AMA 08

Nina Poppe AMA 09

Nina Poppe AMA 10


In the middle of the book, another photobook’s picture is inserted.*1

Nina Poppe AMA 11

Nina Poppe AMA 12

Nina Poppe AMA 13


There are only women appeared in this book.

Nina Poppe AMA 14

Nina Poppe AMA 15


Some (photo)books related to Ama culture are introduced in the end of the book.

If you want to know more about this book, Mark Feustel review is here.

*1 1962年に出版されたイタリア人写真家Fosco Marainiの写真集『Hekura: The Diving Girl’s Island』より。こちらのサイトで中身見られます。
*1 From the photobook Hekura: The Diving Girl’s Island by an Italian photographer Fosco Maraini published in 1962.

Nina Poppe 『AMA』 800部限定。テキストは日本語と英語で書かれています。
Fosco Maraini 『Hekura: The Diving Girl’s Island』海女さんが水中を潜っている写真も見られます。60年代初期の記録。

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8月 162013

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 01


“All of the people depicted in this book have been photographed in a portrait situation.

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 02


The selection therefore does not include reportage or documentary portraits or scenarios

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 03


in which the sitters represent anything but themselves.

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 04


Making a portrait can take a few minutes or several hours.

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 15


The only requisite is that, for the duration of the portrait situation,

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 06


the sitters are prepared to make their own person the main subject of the photograph in progress.

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 07


The portrait is the only form of depiction based on the equality of subject and object:

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 08


sitters and photographer have to make a commitment to the situation as human beings.

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 09


If they do not,

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 10


the picture becomes an illustration of an imagined relationship of power.

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 11


To my mind,

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 13


a compelling portrait depends on a mutual readiness

Wolfgang Tillmans Portraits 14


to acknowledge personal vulnerability and weakness.”

Wolfgang Tillmans

ポートレートに関して日本語で読めるティルマンスのインタビュー記事(インタビュアー:Gil Blank)はこちら


Here is a Tillmans’ interview by Gil Blank, talking about portrait photography.

【Wolfgang Tillmansの本】
New Welt』2012年に出版されたティルマンスによる「新しい世界」。Taschenからペーパーバックでお求めやすい価格。

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7月 142013

ユダヤ系移民のアメリカ人写真家ウィージーの『Naked City』、Kindleストアでも売ってました。

Weegee’s Naked Cityis now on sale at kindle store.


“The classic introduction to the street life of NY by the most notorious news photographer”




It’s nice that we can reach to the masterpieces easily with cheaper price.


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6月 182013

イタリア人、カラー写真、といえばLuigi Ghirri(ルイジ・ギッリ)。1978年に出版された写真集のデジタル版がiBook storeで買えます。




In 1978 Luigi Ghirri self-published his first book, an avant-garde manifesto for the medium of photography and a landmark in his own remarkable oeuvre. Kodachrome has long been out of print and on the 20th anniversary of Ghirri’s death, MAPP is proud to publish the first digital edition of Kodachrome.

This edition is published as a facsimile of the original, adopting the original design, text layout and image sequence, but using new image files scanned from Ghirri’s original film to take advantage of modern technology. Also included is an essay by Francesco Zanot, which offers a contemporary perspective on the historical impact of Kodachrome, alongside French and German translations of the original texts from the book (which were published in English and Italian).

‘The daily encounter with reality, the fictions, the surrogates, the ambiguous, poetic or alienating aspects, all seem to preclude any way out of the labyrinth, the walls of which are ever more illusory… to the point at which we might merge with them… The meaning that I am trying to render through my work is a verification of how it is still possible to desire and face a path of knowledge, to be able finally to distinguish the precise identity of man, things, life, from the image of man, things, and life.’ Luigi Ghirri

from MAPP editions website

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