10月 122012

NYのDarte Publishingから出版された『Letters to a Young Artist』という本を紹介します。

I bought this book probably since Stephen Shore recommended in some article somewhere. He is one of the contributors on this book.

この本は、23人の著名なアーティストが、架空の、ある若い駆け出しのアーティストから受け取った手紙に対する返信を書くという設定で、23通の返答文が おさめられています。

そのなかのひとつ、Jimmie Durham(ジミー・ダーハム)の手紙を紹介します。

23 established artists respond to a fictional “young artist” who wrote a letter to them. Let me introduce one of them, letter by Jimmie Durham.

Dear Y.A.,

May this note find you well. Thank you for yours, and for asking a good question.
How to maintain one’s integrity and freedom of thought… There is a more serious question inside that question: How do we make art that contributes to humanity’s common intellectuality?
Money, in its aspects of “fame and fortune,” especially in the United States with its culture of commerce, has told everyone that it is the standard of success. (Or, as Bob Dylan said, Suck Cess.”)
Money never stops jabbering, but that does not mean we must listen all the time.It is money that makes you ask about integrity. Don’t ask me, but ask yourself: “How can I join the world I live in?” “How can I speak with people who are smarter than me?” (Those people can be anywhere, or any street-corner.)
Imagine if we were writers. Distribution, the publishing world, is valuable to us. But the real importance lies in the question, “How can I write in ways that contribute?”

Everything else follows.

Good luck to us,

Jimmie Durham










- Letters To A Young Artist 中身もいいですが、うすくてかるくて手にとった感じもとてもよい本です。

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8月 262012


そのときカメラがあったら撮っていた(けどなかったので撮られなかった)出来事にまつわるエッセイを集めた本が、この『Photographs Not Taken(撮られなかった写真)』です。

We all have once experienced if-I-had-a-camera-now moment in the past.

Photographs Not Taken contains short essays by 62 photographers in which they talk about those moments.



↑No single photograph in the book because it’s not taken. (It’s been scanned and put into iPad but originally it’s paper back)

その中のひとつ、Mary Ellen Mark(マリー・エレン・マーク)のエッセイにはこんなことが書かれていました。





みなさんの「photographs not taken」はどんなのですか?

Let me intorduce Mary Ellen Mark’s essay

She used to snap funny pictures of her friends with Brownie camera in grammar school. But she didn’t do it in junior high school and high school. “I really regret that I wasn’t a serious documentary photographer in junior high school and high school. Those were such visual years. I remember so well all the ups and downs, the exciting moments like going to the prom, or becoming a cheerleader and then a head of cheerleader, my secret crushes, and my first kiss.” She continues, “I wish I could have documented all of these moments of my youth. Of course, the memories are always with me, but it would be so amazing to have contact sheets with real images from these extraordinary years.”

That’s why, when high school students come to Mary’s workshop, she always tell them to document everything.

This essay made me think how I feel if I had those photographs of my own. Maybe I only want the images of good memories.

- Photographs Not Taken 編集はWill Steacy。Alec Soth(アレック・ソス)やTodd Hido(トッド・ハイド)、Emmet Gowin(エメット・ゴーウィン)、Richard Mosse( リチャード・モス)などもエッセイを書いています。

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12月 042011


Do you like Book, Bookshelf and Bookshop?

それでは、このサイトがオススメです。世界中の本、本棚、本屋の写真をアーカイブする「Bookshelf Porn」。

Here is the site for you, “Bookshelf Porn“.



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4月 172011

Street Photography: From Atget to Cartier-Bresson
Street Photography: From Atget to Cartier-Bresson